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His history is unbelievable but its beauty is much more. Istanbul is one of the most visited cities in Europe, which is not surprising when you consider all the things this city has to offer. Rentalr offers an exhaustive list to rent apartments in Istanbul. We offer you comfortable apartments, ideally located safe and of course at the best price! Do not miss this opportunity to enjoy this unforgettable stay!

This is one of the largest cities in Turkey or even in Europe! It is a metropolis where the streets are marked by its history and where we can appreciate the architectural works in every street’s corner. She has beautiful mosques, Byzantine structures that give a special touch to the city! Search now the apartment in Istanbul that suits you best in the list that we offer and enjoy a stay and a unique experience!

Santa Sofia is one of the places you should not miss during your visit of the city. Its name means "House of divine wisdom"and is today one of the finest Byzantine architectural works because it is a very impressive work and let people perplexe facing so much magnificence! What attracts the most the tourists are the Byzantine mosaics inlaid on the roof and where you can see the writings of the Koran. Santa Sofia is now a museum open to anyone willing to be impressed by an incredible work!

Do not forget to discover as well: Topkapi Palace, the Kapali Carisisi which is a great bazaar famous throughout the city, it is the market for spices, Sultanahmet Camii better known as Blue Mosque, the tower Gatali and Museum of the Great Palace mosaic, but also the Yildiz Park.

Istanbul: Points of interest

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