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Rome is a lively and modern city, concerned by preserving its rich past attractiveness. Stay in our Rome apartments and be sure to fully enjoy your visit! Located in the heart of the town, our apartments for rent in Rome will give you the opportunity to have all the attractions near to you place!

All roads lead to Rome! Why not yours? Our Rome apartments give you the possibility to come and discover the Colosseum, the monument to Vittorio Emanuele II or the Vatican City, among other dazzling places!

Be delighted by the 400 churches of the town or as tradition would have it: threw a coin on one of its 300 fountains. You can stay in our holiday apartments in Rome and visit all the famous landmarks, such as the Roman Forum, a place that preserves all the city’s past. Admire also the famous Pantheon, Rome’s emblematic monument located in the historical centre and don’t miss the opportunity to see the Piazza Campidoglio, drawn by Michelangelo!

Enjoy both a town of artistic and historical interest and a cozy holiday apartment in Rome!

Rome: Points of interest

Via del Corso
The elegant Via del Corso is the main avenue that goes through from the fantastic Piazza Venecia to the Piazza del Popolo. Stay in one of our apartments in Rome and explore one of the most important commercial streets in Rome and in the world.

Giolitti Ice Cream Shop
The Giolitti Ice Cream Shop, inaugurated in 1900, is a must stop for tourists exploring the Italian capital. Stay in one of our apartments in Rome and enjoy a nice ice cream in one of the most important ice cream shops in the world and the favorite one of Pope John Paul II.

Villa Borghese
The beautiful Villa Borghese has almost 80 hectares of green areas and is one of the biggest parks in the capital of Italy. Stay in one of our apartments in Rome and visit this park, built in 1605 and opened to the public in 1903.

Trastevere Neighborhood
Are you planning to spend your holiday in Rome? Don't forget to visit the Trastevere. Located in the west bank of the Tiber, this area is a typical roman neighborhood that has preserved its local identity. Stay in our apartments in Rome and be delighted by its beautiful medieval houses. Trastevere is also one of the best areas in Rome to eat, because of the many trattorias and restaurants with accessible prices. Come and enjoy a good pasta dish!

The Mouth of Truth
The Mouth of Truth is a marble mask built approximately in the 1st century and now located in the entrance of the Santa María in Cosmedin church. Stay in one of our apartments in Rome and visit this peculiar monument, famous for the popular belief that says that the mask traps the hands of liars.

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