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San Sebastian, also known as “the pearl of Cantabria”, is the most popular sea resort of the Basque autonomous region. Rentalr San Sebastian apartments offer you a guaranteed incredible view. Be prepared to enjoy the remarkable and beautiful La Concha bay!

Discover all the attractions the city proposes, such as the International Film Festival of San Sebastian, that takes place each year on September and welcomes filmmakers from all over the world. The “Donostia Award” (related to San Sebastian's Basque name) is presented for an outstanding career in film. Stay in our holiday apartments in San Sebastian and be sure to fully enjoy this festival!

Don’t miss the “Tamborrada”, which is the main event in San Sebastian every year on January. Brass bands are parading during 24 hours and among them you can follow the rhythm!

San Sebastian keeps, above all, internationally well know with its unparalleled gastronomy. In fact it is the only place in the world where you can find as much Michelin stars per square meters. Located in the heart of the town, our San Sebastian apartments are right beside the great places to eat. Don't leave without trying the local “pintxos”!

Enjoy this place full of charm, good food and culture by renting now your holiday apartment in San Sebastian!

San Sebastian: Points of interest

“Pinchos” in Bar Zeruko and Bar Tamboril
The Bar Zeruko and Bar Tamboril are two places where you will find some of the best “pinchos” in the Basque Country. Stay in one of our apartments in San Sebastian and be delighted with the local cuisine, that attracts thousands of tourist to the north of Spain.

Basque Ball
The Basque Ball is a traditional sport in the Basque Country in the north of Spain. Stay in one of our apartments in San Sebastián and know a little bit more about this sport that is practiced in the area since the 13th century and is an important part of the identity of this autonomous region.

Igueldo Mountain
The Igueldo Mountain is located in the west side of the Donostia’s coastline. Stay in one of our apartments in San Sebastian and explore this mount from where you can admire the most beautiful sights over the spectacular La Concha Bay.

Tamborrada in San Sebastian
The Tamborrada is the celebration that commemorates the day of the city of San Sebastian, in the Basque Country. Stay in one of our apartments in San Sebastian and participate in this traditional festivity, a colourful show of drums and barrels.

Comb of the Wind
The Comb of the Wind is a sculpture located in the west extreme of the La Concha Bay, at the end of the Ondarreta Beach. Stay in one of our apartments in San Sebastian and enjoy this fantastic piece of art, one of the main sculptures of the basque artist Eduardo Chillida and a symbol for the city.

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