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Venice is best known for its gondolas, but this is not the only attraction in town! There are many things to see and to do! It has a unique atmosphere, very friendly people and a lovely scenery! Rentalr offers an exhaustive list to rent apartments in Venice! You'll enjoy ideal holidays that will meet all your expectations! Our apartments are ideally located, offers you the comfort you need at the best price!

She is known worldwide as the city of canals, bridges and gondolas that give it a very romantic landscapes. It is located in Italy and formed by 118 islands that make this city a unique and memorable city where you can spend the holidays of your dreams! Rentalr guarantees it to you by offering apartments for rent in Venice at the best value for money! Determined to satisfy our customers we offer an apartment that best suit your needs!

One feature of the city is that it is flooded each year. This phenomenon is known under the name "high water", which also causes flooding on the Plaza of San Marcos!

Be Sure that floods would not be a problem for visitors because it does not occur all year long but just for a period. Do not miss to visit some places quite remarkable as the Grand Canal, Rialto Bridge, Palazzo Ducale, the Campanile of San Marco San Marcos, the Basilica of San Marco, Galleria dell'Accademia and much more!

Do not wait to enjoy a gondola ride and book now your apartment in Venice!

Venice: Points of interest

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